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lets have a conversation

lets have a conversation

portrait by jasel emmanuel garcia



inspiration from master builder principles has driven an endless hunger for learning. this journey has led to illustration + commercial art, planning + architectural design, fabrication + construction, sculpture + computational modeling, customer service + branding. this in essence is my toolbox. complemented by years of professional experience at alleguez architecture, pinecrest community center, beyer blinder belle architects + planners, inc architecture + design, ellana construction consultants, and the factory nyc. 

so why freelance? seems like these days problems arise that are not typically addressed by a single type of service. in a rapidly changing existence the availability of a cross-disciplinary solution is gold. we can team up to tackle this problem, we can make something beautiful. 

in the fall i volunteer in the ace mentors program with arup, a program which teaches high schoolers about architecture, construction and engineering. as an avid cyclist, i host group rides and events throughout all the boros showcasing a different perspective of nycs urban fabric. 

working in miami + nyc since 2010, i have had the great opportunity to work in a number of cities: miami, nyc, chicago, new haven, philadelphia, princeton, denver, minneapolis, duluth, winnepeg, barranquilla, karachi, and nashik. with the advent of technology i am available to work where you are.

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